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Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Supply List

Classroom Supply List
Mrs. Pitton

**Please avoid merchandising tie-ins. (E.g., Avengers pencils, Dora rain jackets)
Individual supplies; label every item with a Sharpie (Sticker labels fall off.)
Rain Jacket (Make sure the hood is large enough to cover.)
Rain Boots
Glass/ceramic cup or mug
Backpack or totebag large enough to hold 9 X 12 paper
3 pocket folders
2 composition books
1 school/pencil box


Place these supplies in a gallon Ziploc bag with the child’s name 10 pencils, not mechanical pencils
 3 large glue sticks or 6 regular size glue sticks
*1 box crayons, 8to 24 pack, no more than 24, each crayon labeled
**1 pair scissors
2 good-quality erasers (Avoid cute erasers that don’t work.)


Supplies to be shared; do not label
3 refill rolls scotch tape
1 box Kleenex
1 box Ziploc bags, quart or gallon size
Sticky notes (post-its), at least 200
*A major task to accomplish in the early grades is to learn to manage supplies. Too many crayons make that impossible. If every crayon and pencil is labeled, it makes it much easier for us to help each other learn to manage our things.
**Get left handed scissors for left handed children. Do NOT get scissors that say they work for right or left.


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