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Ms. Arelys’ Pre-K Supply List:

1- 8-12 pack of Jumbo Markers
1- 24 pack of Crayons
1- Plastic storage/pencil box
1- Pack of pencils (no mechanical)
3- 2 pocket folders (with prongs)
1- kid Fiskars scissors
1- Bottle of glue
2- sticks of glue
1- Box of tissues
1- Pump bottle of hand sanitizer

1 -Three ring binder (1/2 to 1 inch.)

1- Preschool nap mat
(nap mat available at Walmart, Stapls and many other places online, patterns available online also)
**Please provide your child with the supplies above by the end of the first week of school or as soon as possible. Please avoid merchandising tie-ins. (E.g., Avengers pencils, Dora rain jackets) Thank you for your support!